Shallow and Pedantic

A person/tech/code blog of a coder/techie/person. Like calculus in a kiddie pool, the author of this blog is known to be quite shallow and pedantic.


Figuring out what’s taking up space is a well-known issue, with a variety of great tools for it… if we’re talking about files on a local hard drive.

Timezone Changes

In October 2023, two weeks before daylight savings time (“summer time”) was set to end, Israel briefly considered delaying this. That would’ve been a terrible idea, even if it weren’t at war at the time.

Getting your code to your friends

For as long as I’ve been interested in software development, I’ve been interested in how software makes it onto a computer. “Works on my machine” was never quite enough… how would it work on someone else’s computer? Here’s a stroll down memory lane, starting from the 90s.

Remote White Noise

One young-child-parenting trick that has worked well for us is white noise. It might be because it emulates in-the-womb-noises, drowns out other noises, or gives baby something to fixate on - but it often does a great job of calming him to sleep. Nearly a year old now, he thankfully doesn’t usually need it for night sleeps, but it’s helpful for a “cranky-because-tired” nap or getting him to sleep for another half-hour when he decides to wake up very early.