I’ve been a very big proponent of Subversion so far, especially as a tool for collaborating on coding homework. However, I’ve recently been trying out Linus’s git. It’s very nice so far, and really seems to be catching on. Some good points:

  • Fast as all hell (much faster than Bazaar, although I haven’t given that the proper attention)
  • No need for a central server; hell, no need for an internet connection at all, everything can be done over USB keys or whatnot
  • No real need to configure any special server; just install git on it
  • Very nice alternative to configuring write-control for all of the users
  • Very easy branching and merging, finally! SVN really shows its weakness here

One thing I couldn’t find out how to do is limiting read-access to git repositories without special server configuration. It would be nice if git had support for .htpasswd-compatible authentication, those are pretty easy to use.