The most recent events in my life which I would consider to be vacations would be the second Lebanon war and my basic training. I love the Technion, but I think it’s high time for some R&R. With no upcoming tests hovering over my head, homework pressure low-to-nonexistent, and my girlfriend’s birthday Murphy’s-law-bendingly coinciding with her getting some leave, this is a perfect opportunity to try my hand at a real vacation.

Okay, so it’s just two days, but I could hardly ask for anything better. The location is a Tzimmer recommended by friends and family. My parents have graciously lent me the car for the purpose. Last but not least, I’ve gotten my hands on some massage oil. :-)

Studying at the Technion can get rather hectic. But hell, I have just one more year to go, after which I undergo lime-tinted metamorphosis. Perhaps low-key, nearby, short-term vacations are all I can afford. But with good friends, a wonderful girlfriend, and a geeky way of getting excited at seemingly mundane things, I can’t complain. Even with EE atrocities in my recent past and, in all likelihood, my near future, I can’t help but wear an annoying smile on my face.