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Deskbar and Firefox 3

less than 1 minute read

Deskbar has a really neat plugin which allows you to search your browsing history and bookmarks. Firefox 3 has switched the storage format to an sqlite-based...

Faster Languages

2 minute read

Due to an exercise in an AI course, I'm forced to confront an old nemesis - C++. Part of the reason is that the exercise contains a time-limited tournament, ...

My alarm clock

less than 1 minute read

YNet was running a story on how to use your computer as an alarm clock. Here's what I do, for our commandline junkies :)

Nokia 6120 Classic

1 minute read

I've switched to a Nokia 6120 Classic, and I've switched my carrier over to Orange. I'm very happy with it: The price is right, at 0 NIS a month (if your mon...