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Some band stuff

less than 1 minute read

This Saturday we're going to record our material, and hopefully a cover we've been working on - Venom's excellent "School Daze". We took some photo...

Myspace sucks

1 minute read

Life is good, for the most part. And as a technology enthusiast, there are many new and cool things to see online. For example, there's the new Schools site,...

On the matter of a really long vacation

2 minute read

By now I've lost count of how long ago my last class was. The strike has begun immediately after passover, and is certainly beginning to take its toll. For o...

Grub menu.lst editor

less than 1 minute read

A lot of people ask me how to change the default operating system booted after installing Linux. The answer they get in Ubuntu's case, "Edit /boot/grub/...

Yasmin back up

less than 1 minute read

Why was it down, you ask? Well, it was out here in the lab, because of a shortage of network ports in the server room. From the acpid log: