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Test-driven procrastination

2 minute read

How being lazy and procrastinating led me to adopt test-driven development before I realized it.

Multiple library versions

3 minute read

Working with vendor code in C can get very tricky, especially when you except breaking changes to occur. Especially when you have multiple binaries depending...

Reading, writing and vacations

1 minute read

Vacations are a great time for doing that problematic category of things every management course teaches you about: important, but not urgent. For some peopl...


3 minute read

As part of my M.Sc. studies, I've recently completed a small laboratory project in natural language processing. I've learned quite a bit from it, and had a c...

The show downloading stack - part n+1

1 minute read

I've already mentioned my show downloading stack on this blog. It's changed a bit since - I now use Transmission rather than rtorrent, as it has the excellen...