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Loving the new Totem

less than 1 minute read

Totem is Gnome's built-in media player, and it really annoyed me in previous versions, and had me switching to VLC. However, the version included in the Ubun...

My show downloading stack

3 minute read

I love watching TV, and hate it. Regular show schedules are horrible, commercial breaks are annoying, and the ability to rewind is very important. I love Hot...

Timezones are fickle

3 minute read

Creating a manual "always-daylight-savings" timezone is hard. Let's peek at just how messy timezone logic gets.

Using git for code review

1 minute read

At my workplace, I've recently been using git for code review purposes. I work on code in my own git clone, and ask a peer to review it. It works somewhat li...

Hardware doesn't like me

1 minute read

Whenever I try messing with hardware at home, inexplicable failures ensue. Especially when trying to help others; no good deed goes unpunished.