Upcoming features in TransportDroidIL


Hello everyone, TransportDroidIL 1.0 will be released this month. It has quite a few new features:

  1. Separate “Source”, “Destination” and “Time” fields. This is much better for auto-completion as well.
  2. Automatic location-based detection of “Source”. Hopefully you’ll find the interface for this unobtrusive.
  3. Quick reversal of “Source” and “Destination”, for your return trip.
  4. A new settings screen, with:
    • Provider selection (currently Egged or MOT)
    • A small attempt at right-to-left fixes for non-supporting devices.
    • A “clear history” button

Everyone loves screenshots:

Separate source and destination fields
Select data provider
Automatic location detection, Egged provider

For a sneak peek, go to for the latest sources. You can also report issues there.