Seaplane - Github with a non-programmer

When I helped a non-programmer friend with some code for psychology research, and how we avoided using Matlab.

May 30, 2015 · 5 min · Ohad Lutzky

Git While You Sit 3 - "Rename" edge cases

Sometimes, git does something unexpected while merging or rebasing. It might seem like git misunderstood a rename, but it’s far more likely that git did the “right” thing after all.

August 17, 2014 · 2 min · Ohad Lutzky

Git While You Sit 2 - .gitignore

Using .gitignoreto exclude build artifacts from your repository.

August 15, 2014 · 2 min · Ohad Lutzky

Git While You Sit 1 - Add --patch

Using git add -pto eliminate those pesky printf-debugging statements.

August 13, 2014 · 2 min · Ohad Lutzky

Using git for code review

At my workplace, I’ve recently been using git for code review purposes. I work on code in my own git clone, and ask a peer to review it. It works somewhat like this: master branch is same code as currently in upstream. Working to resolve issue #1234 pertaining to “Performance for gizmo”, I work on a branch 1234-gizmo-performance. I mail a peer, John, with this information, as well as my repository location....

April 4, 2009 · 1 min · Ohad Lutzky

Things I learned today

You can use git on a VFAT disk (for example, a USB key) without all of the annoying mode issues, by using the following setting in .git/config: [core] filemode = false What I haven’t figured out is how to do force a chmod in this situation; for example, if I create a new script, I was hoping to be able to git chmod +x it. Cream is a very good editor if you’re used to Windows applications....

April 28, 2008 · 1 min · Ohad Lutzky

Really liking this git thing

I’ve been a very big proponent of Subversion so far, especially as a tool for collaborating on coding homework. However, I’ve recently been trying out Linus’s git. It’s very nice so far, and really seems to be catching on. Some good points: Fast as all hell (much faster than Bazaar, although I haven’t given that the proper attention) No need for a central server; hell, no need for an internet connection at all, everything can be done over USB keys or whatnot No real need to configure any special server; just install git on it Very nice alternative to configuring write-control for all of the users Very easy branching and merging, finally!...

September 18, 2007 · 1 min · Ohad Lutzky